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62 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can

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DOUBLE TRASH & LID: 62 gallon capacity for 2 garbage bags, Convenient for garbage classification and wet and dry separation, you can use "two" garbage cans as needed.

DRIP TRAY: There are two slide-out liquid trays at the bottom of the trash can for dumping the liquid in the bucket, Avoid the awkward situation of having to turn the trash can upside down to dump the liquid.

HIGH QUALITY RESIN MATERIAL: Choose waterproof resin material, do not worry about the garbage can be eroded by the rain, it can also effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation and corrosion.

EASY TO INSTALL: With the buckle structure design, you can get a complete product in 15 minutes; The product is light and can be moved to any place you want to use through the handrails on both sides.