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31 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can

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31 GALLON CAPACITY: 16.10"L x 16.26"W x 33.86"H, compatible with 30-33 gallon trash bags, the East Oak outdoor trash can is suitable for storing indoor and outdoor trash and keeping the house and patio clean.

DURABLE WATERPROOF MATERIAL: the outdoor garbage can is made of durable and recyclable resin material that is waterproof and fade resistant. The panels are sturdy and will not bend, warp or break easily and are highly weather resistant.

DUAL LID DESIGN: The innovative double lid hides unsightly garbage bags, making the courtyard cleaner; the outer lid can be easily opened and closed with one hand by means of a clasp. After opening the inner lid, the garbage bag can be stably fixed in the card slot.

EASY TO CLEAN: The bottom of the trash can has a sliding and detachable tray for storing any leaked liquid. The dirt on the tray can be easily washed away or wiped up.

CEASY TO INSTALL: This outdoor trash bin comes with a detailed user manual. No screws or tools required, just snap the panels together and the installation can be completed in about 10 minutes. For more support, please refer to the installation videos on the page.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: EAST OAK promises lifetime customer support and 3 years quality assurance.