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Patio Heater Sand Box/Water Box

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Easy to Assemble and Maintain

This sand box/water box is easy to assemble with clear instruction. And the simple structure makes the base very easy to disassemble and assemble. In additional, thanks to premium resin material, this sand box is weather resistant and easy to clean.

Increase The Stability of Patio Heater

The sand box is the perfect accessory for the heater, it can effectively increase the weight of the bottom of the outdoor heater and prevent the heater from being blown down by the wind, suitable for these models of EAST OAK - EO-PH001, EO-PH22002, EO-PH22003, EO-PH22004, EO-PH22005.

Cross Reinforcement Structure and Thickened Resin

We designed a cross-rib reinforcement structure for the sand box, which can effectively increase the firmness of the sand box itself and prevent the sand box from being deformed. In addition, the thickened resin material makes the sand box more durable.

Filled with Sand or Water

Can be filled with water or sand, the weight is 15.43lbs with water and 13.88lbs with sand. Good sealing, not easy to leak water and sand. Please note - the side filled with water and sand should be facing up, otherwise it will cause water leakage and sand leakage.

Warm Tip

1) In order to save the sandbox installation time, please purchase it together with the East Oak patio heater, so that it can be installed at the same time when assembling the heater 2)If you want to buy it for other brands except EAST OAK, please make sure that your base hole is compatible with our sand box mounting hole, otherwise it will not fit.

3-Year Customer Support

Please check the manual for customer service email to contact us if you have any questions or problems. We provide a 3-year Warranty against manufacture defects and lifetime customer support.