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East Oak 120 Gallon Deck Box

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Not sure where to put away those extra patio cushions, gardening tools, or sports equipment?

With East Oak’s 120 gallon deck box, you can hide them in a hurry. It’s portable, weatherproof, secure, plus your yard’s clutter-free! It even doubles as an extra seat or tabletop.


LARGE CAPACITY TO FIT MORE: With the additional storage our 120-gallon deck box offers, you can fit it all. From your gardening tools or second set of patio furniture to those extra sets of comforters for all your relatives during the holidays, there’ll be a spot to store it in. 

DURABLE, WATERPROOF, AND FADE RESISTANT: Our 120gal deck box is a tank! It’s made with weather-resistant material sure to last the warmest of days and wettest nights. So, the deck box will always look as good as new, and your valuables will be kept dry - rain or shine. 

ROBUST DESIGN FOR ADDED FUNCTION: For guaranteed stability, we’ve upgraded the deck box with 3x304 stainless steel square tubes. Plus, we’ve added a functional bench that can hold up to 880 pounds. That means you and your family can work on that new project you’ve been waiting on together.   

SAFE AND INJURY-FREE: The deck box comes equipped with a safety mechanism to protect you and your family. Between the lid and the shell, there is a hydraulic rod design that’ll keep the door from shutting quickly. No more booboos!

PORTABLE AND LIGHT: Each side is designed with a sturdy handle that makes it easy to move the box when needed. 

ADDITIONAL ZINC ALLOY PADLOCK INCLUDED: For added security, each outdoor storage box can be locked to keep your special items safe. Plus, we’ll give you an extra padlock for free.

EXTENDED 3-YEAR CUSTOMER SUPPORT GUARANTEED: If any problems arise, East Oak will offer complimentary customer support for up to 3 years following the date of purchase. Our technicians are trained to provide satisfactory solutions with  all of our loyal customers.