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East Oak 9ft Center Pillar Umbrella

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DURABLE AND STURDY: What wind? East Oak’s 9-foot umbrellas are designed with a 1.5 inch umbrella pole and eight iron rods guaranteed to keep your umbrella upright against extreme winds. For added stability, we’ve included a secondary lock mechanism — all you have to do is insert the safety pin in place and you’re umbrella is solid for the day!

PREMIUM WEATHER-RESISTANT FABRIC: This umbrella is protected with UV30+ fabric, which means you can have fun under the sun for up to 300 minutes without damaging your skin. Plus, its American Standard 4 quality polyester fabric will last for years and remain fade-free.

SOLAR-POWERED LED LIGHTS: Don’t stop now, because we’ve included 40 solar-powered LED lights to keep the fun going after sunset. These lights can run up to 7 hours after a full charge and just need to be turned on by one of two switches. 

QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Most of the work is already done, because we’ve already installed the center light inside each umbrella. So, setting up the umbrella is quick and hassle-free. Straight out of the box — all you have to do is screw on the extension pole to the solar electric panel. For specifics, we’ve included written instructions with each purchase. 

COMPACT AND QUICK STORE: When you’re ready to put it aside, just close the umbrella and Velcro the fabric shut. No need for to find any rope or tape — just wrap and store. 

ADJUSTABLE SUN-PROTECTION AND VENTILATED BREEZE: Our umbrella provides all-around and personalized shade. To open the umbrella, crank the handle, and to adjust the coverage, use our simple button tilt system. Plus, it’ll never be too hot, because we’ve added a ventilated system that allows cool air to come through the umbrella. So the breeze comes in, and the heat stays out!


To keep the umbrella stable, please purchase and utilize a separate weighted base filled with water and/or sand. For extreme winds, close the top canopy to prevent damage.