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East Oak 10ft Hanging Umbrella

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SOLID BUILD, WEATHERPROOF, AND DURABLE: Our hanging patio umbrella is built with a 1.8 inch iron rod and 8 umbrella reinforcements sure to keep the umbrella intact against strong winds. Each rod is coated with a rust-free protectant to minimize erosion and maximize its life years. To promote air flow, we’ve designed a large vent on each umbrella top that will keep you protected and cool under the sun’s rays. For added support during windy seasons, we’ve included an additional pole knob.

QUALITY FABRIC AND PROTECTION: No matter how it gets, you and your umbrella are always protected. Each patio umbrella is designed with premium polyester fabric with 4 color fastness and UV 30+ sun protection, which means your skin is safely covered and your umbrella will keep its color. 

DAY TO NIGHT FUNCTIONALITY: Even at night, the fun continues! We’ve added 40 pre-installed LED lights under each umbrella to keep the party going after the sun sets. Just flip either one of two switches!

PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Our umbrella is 10 feet wide and completely adjustable. Depending on your need, you can move the top around to cover a larger surface area against sun. No need to move all your patio furniture towards it. We’ve got your covered — literally. 

SIMPLE AND FAMILY FRIENDLY: Using our umbrella cover is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just use the crank handle to open and close the top. And to shift angles, adjust the reel accordingly. The more you tilt the umbrella, the more coverage you’ll get. 

PORTABLE AND COMPACT: Our umbrellas are made with sewn Velcro straps. For quick storage, just close the umbrella and wrap the strap around the fabric and pole. 


To ensure the umbrella is stable when in use, you must use a base with a total weight of no less than 192 pounds. Keep in mind that the heavier a base is, the more stable the umbrella will be against strong winds. 

For wind speeds faster than 5 mph, it is recommended to close the umbrella to prevent damage.