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East Oak 31 Gallon Deck Box

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Not sure where to put away those extra patio cushions, gardening tools, or sports equipment?

With East Oak’s 31 gallon deck box, you can hide them in a hurry. It’s portable, weatherproof, secure, plus your yard’s clutter-free! It even doubles as an extra seat or tabletop.


COMPACT: Don’t be fooled by it’s portable and lift-friendly size. Even with a storage capacity of 31 gallons, you can fit all your backyard extras between seasons. 

WATERPROOF AND FADE PROOF: Our deck box is designed with upgraded resin material that protects its exterior from fading from UV rays up to 1000+ and keeps its interior dry no matter what the weather is. So it looks good on the outside and even better and mold-free on the inside. 

FUNCTIONAL: Empty or not - this deck box can even double as a single patio seat or table top. It can hold up to 170 pounds. 

EASY INSTALL: We’ve made it easier to put away your valuable items in less than 10 minutes. No screws and tools are needed. All you have to do is snap the panels together and you’re set to go. For additional support, we installation instructions and videos are included. 

PORTABLE AND SECURE: The deck box comes with two handles on each side, so it’s easy to move around alone or with a friend. If you’re on the go, you can even lock the box for guaranteed security.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: East Oak promises up to 3 years of customer support if you have any questions or concerns. Our goal is to provide you with satisfactory solutions.